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Tiny Care Package

Tiny Spoon Charms

Tiny Spoon Charms

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Ever heard of the “spoon theory”? 

Spoon theory is a way to illustrate the energy limitations that can result from living with a chronic illness. Using spoons as a unit of energy, spoon theory estimates how many spoons individual tasks require. It also helps people coping with chronic illnesses visualize their total daily energy. Often times in treatment facilities we actually talk about these metaphorical spoons and will tell people how many we have left, in a check-in, or we will offer metaphorical spoons for others who need one.

Example: Imagine, for example, a mother who lives with chronic pain. If she uses all of her spoons on daytime tasks, she's left with no spoons to tend to her children at night. But she has to take care of her kids — so she pushes beyond her limits, borrowing spoons from tomorrow's set amount to make it through today.

These little spoon charms are made of metal, durable and not easy break. Perfect as necklace, earring, bracelet, keyring, sweater chain, etc.. 

Choose how many spoons you send to your friends, and we will put them in small drawstring package with a card explaining this spoon theory.

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