So you want to know about Tiny Care Packages company?I assume that is why you selected the “About”.  Why have I started a company like this? Here it is, because I care…I LOVE SENDING CARE PACKAGES. There, it’s out. If I could send them to every acquaintance, I would. I think, when I was receiving a care package, big or small, it felt like a really a big deal to me. 

Discover Thoughtful and -Easy Gifts for Your Loved Ones.

When I was in treatment, in a center or hospital, for a good number of years, a small package from someone brightened my whole day! I couldn’t believe someone had thought of me like this. 

Sometimes there were items that were sent that had to go straight into my suitcase and wait there for me discharge because they were considered contraband.

I thought that I could reach out to facilities, for a very small fee, to make sure you are sending them something your loved one can have.

My journey to recovery has been a long one and the mail I got often was the highlight of the week for me. 

I want to take the guess work out of this for you. Let us help you put together a Tiny Care Package for that special someone you love. You choose the items or item, we do the rest. How much more simple could it be to tell someone you thought of them.