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Tiny Care Package

Stanley Straw Lid

Stanley Straw Lid

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Make sure your Stanley Cup stays dust-free and looks even more stylish with this Stanley Straw Lid! This upgraded cover is made of 10mm silicone and fits the Stanley Cup perfectly, so you can sip your favorite drinks in the most secure and stylish way! And, with its cute cartoon dust-proof design, your drink will look like a mini work of art! So, snap on this cute lid and get ready to sip happily ever after!

The Stanley Straw Lid is a must-have for a safe, hassle-free drinking experience. Made of high-quality silicone without BPA, this topper gives your drink an airtight seal and an added layer of splash-proof protection. Plus, they're fun to decorate with - there's a wide range of unique, quirky shapes to choose from! Pucker up for a sippin' good time!

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