Collection: Crochet Corner (For the not so “tiny” gifts)

Where the gifts are not so tiny, but super unique, and one of a kind!

This section of the store is for the items I crochet that I am happy to sell. People have been asking me for this for awhile now. I do my best to describe each item. Most of these are patterns I have thought up myself, and some I have taken parts from previous patterns I have done. If I use anyone’s pattern, I will give the credit where credit is due. 

These crocheted items are really one of a kind. I can do custom orders as long as I am not too busy when the request is made. Also, if I were asked to do something custom made, I would need to ask for half of the cost up front. That is to be sure I am covering my cost for the products needed to make it. As far as how much time would it take me? I can make some things in one hour and some in 2 days. All depends on how busy I am. I really like taking on and finishing projects quickly though.  

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